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I'm always so busy working on OSCAR that I havn't had time to really put a site together that explains a bit of what I do. I picked a trade name for my company, put together this website, and got some swag. Hope you like it. It used the same styling library that OSCAR 15 does!


Are you ready for the next major release of OSCAR.

You've heard all the hype about OSCAR 14 (now OSCAR 15) but what's it all about?

OSCAR 15 revolutionalizes your user experience. The soon to be released version introduces a responsive new User Interface (UI) for many modules as well as additions and improvements to integration components such as OLIS, HRM, MyOSCAR, MCEDT, real time Health Card Validation, and a platform for app development.

HXB Apps

Currently in the conceptual stage. Check back for Updates!

OSCAR 15 allows for bi-directional integration with 3rd party applications. I'm currently looking at developing a set of applications for maximizing your use of OSCAR.


Services for OSCAR include Software Development, Data Services, and Training

OSCAR Software development is what I do every day. Working together on a project guarantees your idea will become a reality, and that your contributions to OSCAR are successfully incorporated back into the public open source repository for inclusion in subsequent versions for your practice and for the community at large. All your changes will be developed using the acceptable coding practices set out by OSCAR EMR. Developing new software can sometimes be complex. I follow a practice of beginning with the elicitation of requirements, and developing a plan which allows for a solid technical implementation, a maintainable test strategy, and deployment plan. I engage clients using an Agile methodology where the client is involved throughout the process by way of quick feedback loops. I communicate effectively and am goal driven. All these qualities contribute towards a successful solution. Some areas of development are

  • Clinical and Administrative Eform Development
  • Bug fixes
  • New Feature Development
  • Reports
  • Integration with devices
  • Custom Apps

OSCAR 15 is around the corner, and many users are excited to begin using the new interface. The new User eXperience (UX) is finally becoming a reality, and new opportunities are approaching. Start today in preparing for the upgrade, implementing new functionality, and developing your own Apps which can securely communicate with your OSCAR 15 deployment. Just interested in a walk through? let me know.

Data Services. Whether you need help getting data into OSCAR, Verifying and Fixing existing data, or extracting data for analytics to better understand your patient population and business, I can help. I provide invaluable guidance and hands on troubleshooting during major upgrades or other risky events. What can take others days to solve can sometimes be fixed in minutes when you have an expert on hand.

Need analysis? Data is valuable, but the challenge often lies in intelligently understanding the schema your data is stored in so that the proper queries can be constructed, and analyzed. OSCAR contains useful current and historical information about your patient population and practice metrics that can help make you more efficient and productive. OSCAR has many tools for reporting such as Report By Templates and pre built reports which have limited information and capabilities. I have in depth knowledge of the OSCAR data model, and can really help you gather the analytics you need. My background in bioinformatics (large scale molecular sequence and protein interaction databases) and decade long experience with OSCAR has given me the ideal skill set to undertake these projects.

Need something else? Apps allow for limitless possibilities to make effective use of your OSCAR deployment. Analyze patient data and generate reports to help delive better care. Anaylize how your practice is doing financially and against other performance indicators. Integrate with other existing systems or medical devices. These are just a few high level examples of ways to make use of this exciting new development.

Technical training is also offered This can be completely custom and tailored to your needs or a general introduction to the application's architecture, and code update processes. I have experience collaborating as well as training and mentoring IT staff to better support OSCAR.

Products (Coming Soon)

Over the years in my involvement with the OSCAR community, I've seen users collaborate to make solutions that work. Whether they are greasemonkey scripts, innovative eforms, or running the entire software on Raspberry PIs

I also would like to contribute creative solutions which I think can really supercharge and even just bring out the cool factor. Many existing issues users have lay outside the core EMR such as the importation of data from other EMRs, Backup and Recovery, limiting security risks, data integrity checking, integration with external hardware, etc. I hope to find time to pursue this in mid 2015.

Please check back for updates. I will publish demonstrations as they become available.

Marc Dumontier (aka hexbinary)

Core OSCAR Developer, Rock Climber, Small town Ontario

I've been involved with OSCAR since 2005, and in that time have contributed hundreds of thousands of lines of code to the project for various individuals, groups, and organizations. I've worked directly for/with OSCAR EMR, Oscar Service Providers (OSPs), Social and Community Service Agencies, Educational insititutions in both Ontario and British Columbia, Government agencies (EHealth Ontario, OMD, MOHLTC) and various hospitals (St. Joseph's in Hamilton, UHN, St. Michael's in Toronto). I've worked with physicians and other health care providers on projects in many fields including Ophthalmology, Antenatal/Maternity care, Obstetrics, Diabetic clinics, Stoke clinics, and Nephrology.

My Contributions to OSCAR go beyond just code contributions. I am passionate not only about the product, but also the philosophy, underlying principles, and community that help shape it's evolution and define it's character and values.

My background is in Bioinformatics; developing open source, publicly funded sequence and protein interaction databases at Mt. Sinai Hospital. In 2005, I moved on to work at St. Michael's Hospital to work for the CAISI project (Enhancing OSCAR significantly with case and program management, and the CAISI integrator; a health information network provider for integrating OSCAR EMR data).

Currently, I am the Lead OSCAR developer at McMaster. On a day to day basis, I write code, perform code review, help manage releases, and advise on most technical matters with the team in charge of the stewardship of the public OSCAR codebase.






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